Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day at the Zoo

Memorial Day was spent at the zoo where we were able to see the new little elephant that was born on March 18th. So cute!
We were also fortunate enough to see turtles procreating. Special times!

So what if the signs say don't feed the animals. We got a little caught up in the kodak moment.Kyrie started screaming when she came face to face with this guy.

We were able to get a picture of two great families. The Evans' and the Gorillas.

Kyrie loved the zoo and an ice cream cone that we all shared. What kind of zoo trip would it have been without a wonderful ice cream cone? All in all it was a great Memorial day!

Happy Happy Birthday Kyrie!

Kyrie had a birthday shout hooray! She is now officially a one year old! Kyrie was able to have two birthday parties. One in Utah (where she was able to wear a crown befitting a one year old birthday princess), and one in Kentucky. It doesn't seem like we've had Kyrie for a whole year, and yet, we can't remember what life was like without her. We love little Kyrie!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Utah Trip .... May 07

Kyrie is learning the fine art of pulling on dad's heart strings with her athletic dreams & desires.
Uncle Craig (Jigga) spends quality time with the little one...

Our bestest friends in the world, The Riley Family, made the trek from Ammon Idaho to spend the weekend with the Evans fam in good old Alpine... and yes, we BBQ'ed

Grandpa shares a sweet kettle corn with his grand daughter... yum yum!!!
Look at our little families grow...
Grandma and Grandpa Chambers were also in town so we spent the time do make food for grandpa, ribs and salmon are his favorite...

Little Joe helped me as I put together a climbing thing''y for the backyard...
Up...up... and a way...... Kyrie got her first flying lesson on the tramp with Natalie... From the look of their faces, they got just a little more than they expected...

This was a great trip for our little family. We spent a good 9 days in UT with family and friends. While in town we celebrated Grace's sealing ( Brian's little sister), Kyire's first birthday, and the best BBQ in the world thanks to Julian and Me... We also celebrated the end of our first year of Dental School. It wasn't easy but it is worth every second of it. Natalie and Kyire have been such big supporters to me and my biggest fans. They need all of our prayers and blessings for their goodness. We are loving Kentucky and the memories that we are creating here. We always are looking forward as we enjoy the present. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us so richly that we can not begin to tell. We have closed on our little home and can't wait to get in. Oh yeah, we also have an Anniversary on the 17th of this month, that makes 4 yrs... Life is always good...... Peace out y'all....