Thursday, April 18, 2013

Field Trip!

Kyrie's First Grade class went on a field trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  I don't know which Kyrie was more excited about, the park or the bus ride over. Kyrie has never ridden the bus and she was so excited to sit with her friends and she kept going on about not wearing a seat belt, apparently this was a very big deal for her.
 I think it's safe to say the kids had a blast.

Easter Happenings

Posting a little late, but here are some Easter pics.  Our Court rallied together for a rather over the top Easter egg hunt. I think the total egg count was around 900, for 7 kids.  Yep that's right each kid got about 128 eggs.  Kyrie said about half way through, "Mom, my back is really starting to hurt bending over for all these eggs!".  Wow, life is rough!

Above the girls, working up a sweat.
Before and after the Easter egg hunt we had a talk with Kyrie making sure she knew that Easter wasn't about eggs or the Easter bunny.  I know this must be super confusing we were literally throwing eggs at the poor girl all day.  But she told us she knew it wasn't about the eggs.  We talked about how Christ died for us and how He came to life again on the third day, what we now call Easter.  I know my Redeemer lives!  I love Him and know He loves me.