Thursday, December 04, 2008

I've been Tagged

So my lovely sister Sharee tagged me a while ago, and because I am so on top of things, I am just now getting to it. Here are 6 quirks ...

1. I always put up my Christmas decorations in the middle of November, but I save the Christmas tree for the day after Thanksgiving. I also start listening to Christmas music in September. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

2. I can't remember a thing. Seriously. I believe it's my short term memory that's faulty because I can remember details from years past, just not anything you've told me in the last couple weeks.

3. I love to vacuum! I could vacuum all day. I've had to limit myself to only twice a day, unless there is an emergency (Kyrie dumping Cheerios on the floor).

4. Like my sister Julianne, I can't sleep unless my feet are covered, even in the summer. Actually I guess you could say I'm a picky sleeper because I can't sleep unless conditions are perfect. No light, fans on, teeth brushed, night guard in, contacts out, prays said, clear airway, tucked in with sheets or blankets around my shoulders, feet covered, and sleeping meds:)

5. I don't like milk. I can stand a very little in my cold cereal and it has to be fat free. But, I've made a discovery with the help of my Aunt Esther. Vanilla steamers from Starbucks. It's just warmed milk with vanilla syrup, hazel nut extract, and lots of whipped cream. Delicious!

6. I go through different exercise phases. Right now I'm on an abs kick thanks to Melanie who has taken me up on the six pack challenge. Wash board belly, here I come!