Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Wedding!

Above, Sharee and I showing off our handy work. Below, Jenny and myself showing off more handy work.
The day before the wedding the girls along with Ian, spent making flower arrangements for the reception. Yeah, we're pretty good!
We even made all the flower arrangements for the top of all four cakes.
It was a very blustery day in Oakland California. Julianne and Eric came out of the Temple, then had to run back inside. The rain was blowing in sideways. Needless to say, the bride and groom didn't get a shot if front of the Temple and most of our umbrella's were broken afterward.
Poor Eric was saddled with the unruly children. Kyrie was one of them. Yes, the one screaming and sliding off his lap. I'm sure that made him think twice about reproducing.
Brian was able to fly out the night before the wedding, which was awesome! Congrats again Julianne and Eric.

California Adventures!

Kyrie was having a blast jumping on the tramp with her uncles and cousins. What can I say, she is a party animal.

Daphne was kind enough to give Kyrie a piano lesson.

Kyrie loves cousin Hayden and has been so gentle with him.
Kyrie has had tons of fun with all her cousins! She loves to jump on the trampoline, play the piano, and play with blocks. She also warmed up to Grandpa and wanted him to hold her and play lincoln logs with her.

Grandpa Stone's 80th Birthday

Kyrie and I flew out to California and were able to go to Grandpa Stone's 80th b-day bash. It was tons of fun!

All six sisters singing boogie woogie bugle boy.

Just Emma and me, posing for a picture.
Grandpa had 80 candles on his cake. That's right 80! Pretty crazy huh?!

Grammy helped Grandpa blow out all 80 of his candles and we were all amazed when the fire alarm didn't go off.

Grandpa played "In the Mood". Of course it was amazing! We love Grandpa!