Friday, July 25, 2008

Fourth of July

Sorry for the long time with no update. We have been suffering from crumby internet access lately. Excuses, Excuses! Anyway... we went down to Georgia for the fourth and Kyrie loved all the pool time she was able to get in. Kyrie also loved having Elaina her friend/cousin to hang out with.
Kyrie sporting her goggles. (Actually, they are Uncle Ed's)Above, Brian and Kyrie havin some fun in the sun.

Natalie trying to get Kyrie to swim with the intertube. Kyrie was convinced she knew how to swim without it and would make me take it off her. She would then proceed to go head first into the water only to discover (over and over again) that she doesn't know how to swim.

It was a fun week in Goergia, we love hanging out with the "Uncle Ed and Aunt Esther" Evans clan.