Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Lounging lion at the wild animal park.

Below, a project inspired by my friend Vikki, displaying Kyrie's artwork in her (work in progress) play room/loft.
Kyrie dressed up as Ariel for her preschool Halloween Party.
Kyrie with her friends.
My halloween costume.  Pretty amazing right?  No, I wish.  Disneyland!!  Kyrie was picked for Jedi training.  I really need to work with her on her Jedi skills so next time she is picked I will not be so embarassed.  Throughout the training she just kept striking poses for pictures.

Sharee, Arthur and Family came out for a visit in which we crammed in Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, the Beach and Sea World.  It was tons of fun!!  I think Dallin would have been a little more qualified to fight Darthvader.  Hey, I've always wanted to fight Darthvader.  Next time Kyrie will be ready, I tell you!  Okay, enough of Kyrie's Jedi training, I'm not bitter that I was not picked.  I'm not bitter that I am too old to participate in the jedi fun.  I'm not. :)
Kyrie and Daphne

At the Zoo with the cousins

Pickin pumpkins

Kyrie found her soul pumpkin

Kyrie swimmin with her buddies Hannah and Leah in the spool

Here is a picture of my Kitchen.  I love this Kitchen!
Here is a brief video of Kyrie's fight with Darthvader.