Monday, August 16, 2010

While Brian was at Officer Training

So I went to update the blog and couldn't find my camera with all the latest pictures of our move and all that jazz.  I decided that because I very rarely take the time to sign into my blog I would go ahead and post some of the pics that were taken while Brian was in Rhode Island at officer training.  I was able to stay with my parents those 5 weeks!  It was so great to visit for such a long time.  Kyrie had a blast.  She will randomly say, "I miss Nona", "I want to jump on the tramp wiff uncle Jacob". "I finke we should go to Nona's, that's a good idea, huh mom". "Uncle Mathan is crazy, huh?" "I need to go to Emma's room" (Kyrie would always go into Emma's room and take her jewelry)
Below we went to Grammy and Grandpa Stone's for a Memorial Day BBQ and Kyrie got to chill with her second cousins Gabriel and Asher.

Kyrie and Nona feeding the fish.
Kyrie and Nona sharing a cherry turnover.  Actually Kyrie had like one bite which was great because mom and I were able to eat more!
Kyrie and Uncle Jacob swimming at the Brooke's who are awesome about letting people swim in their pool.  Thank you Brooke Family.

Nathan and Kyrie built a fort while we were at the cabin.  Okay, Nathan built a fort while Kyrie got in the way.  Nathan made a bow and arrow and Kyrie kept saying, "Mom, uncle Maffens gonna boom a bear"  Kyrie believed completely that Uncle Nathan would use his bow and arrow to kill a bear if they happened upon one.

Kyrie would jump on the tramp almost every day with Uncle Jacob.  After they jumped with the hose on, they would then have a Popsicle.  It was their daily ritual.  Jacob was so nice to do this with Kyrie, and of course she asks for Uncle Jacob all the time and was very disappointed when she found out Uncle Jacob would not be at the cabin when we recently went at the end of July.

Thanks so much Mom and Dad for letting us invade your home for 5 weeks.  We love you guys so much and had so much fun staying with you guys!