Thursday, April 26, 2012

Disney/California Adventure with the Stone Family

Dad, Mom, Reed, Emma, Jacob and Nathan came down for a whirlwind Disneyland/California Adventure visit during spring break. I stole these pictures from Emma.  We didn't go with them to Disney on Monday, but because they don't have a blog I felt the Disney part of the trip had to be shared:)  My camera battery didn't charge so I didn't have any pics of my own of California Adventure.  Lame I know.  But once again I just stole them from Emma.  Maniacal laugh. Wah ha ha.
Love this picture!
 You have to look at Nathan, Reed and Jacob in the back row who planned some pretty original poses for this picture.  Nathan is intently studying his map of California adventure map, Reed is sipping his empty capri sun that he blew up on the first drop, while Jacob is talking on his cell phone.  All of these poses took great talent under the extreme circumstances that these guys were under, what with all the adrenaline and the, I tell you what, wow;)

Mom was very brave and went on California Screamin 2 times!  Kyrie rode with Nona to help her be brave.  

 Kyrie latched on to her aunt Emma and would not let go.   All through California Adventure Kyrie just wanted to hold Emma's hand, or hang on Emma, or hug Emma.  Thanks Emma!
For those of you who haven't heard Reeds cackle laugh screech, it is something you won't soon forget!  Jacob and I were trying our best to scream on the ride California Screamin because that is after all the name of the ride, but we found ourselves laughing uncontrollably because all we could hear was Reed's cackle/screech laugh.  Oh, good times. 

 We ended our day at the Rainforest cafe in downtown Disney.  Yummy!  
Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!  We had so much fun with you guys and loved having you down here!


  The Easter bunny came for a visit Easter morning. 

Of course Easter isn't about the Easter bunny.   I asked Kyrie,  "Now you know Easter isn't about the a bunny who leaves eggs full of candy, right Kyrie?"  and she replied "Mom, it's about that Jesus was not in the tomb in 3 days"  I then asked "why wasn't He in the tomb Kyrie, remember how He was hung on a cross and He died for you and me?" Then she said "Cause mom He's alive again."  I started to cry because that's what I do now I cry about everything, and I said, " You're right, He is alive."  I know that my Redeemer lives and I am so glad my sweet 5 year old knows that too.


We found this little waterfall that isn't too far from where we live so were decided to drive to the trail head and take a hike.

It's just a small waterfall but it was fun scrambling down the rocks to get to these pools of water at the middle of the waterfall.
We stopped here and ate lunch, took off our shoes and waded in the water.

Kyrie showing off her strong muscles and the war wound on her knee from the hike up.

It was such a fun little hike.  I'm sure we'll be doing it again.

Spring Break

For Kyrie's Spring Break Brian took a couple days off and we went and did some day trips.  One of them was to Palm Springs, Living Desert.  The weather was just the way I like it.  Warm and sunny!
Above, this Kookaburra sang for us, or laughed whatever you want to call it, it was highly entertaining.  His name was Tarzan.

It's hard to see, but there is a cheetah lounging in the shade.
below, a sleeping leopard.

Kyrie wanted to pose with every animal statue we saw:)
We had a fun day at the Living desert

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Playing Catch up

So I'm trying to play catch up... this should be interesting since it has been months.  Here goes.  Most of my  pictures consist of Disney trips.  

Here is our trip to Vegas to see the amazing Celine Dion!
Melanie and I, doing our awkward hand pose.
Dragon face tribute
Celine Dion, the most amazing vocalist ever!
Kyrie and Jemma playing mermaids out by the spool.  Jenny and Brandon came to visit, we went to Sea World, for some reason I didn't take any good pictures.    We had tons of fun with them and are so glad they came to visit!
Carter out by the spool.
Kyrie with flat stanly (stanlyetta) sent to us by Kaelyn  Riley.  We took her to Disney for a little photo shoot.
Kyrie and her second cousins (Janea's kids) at California Advendture

For our Birthdays (Brian and My B-days) we went to, where else... Disneyland and California Adventure.

Kyrie earning her Senior Wilderness Explorer Badge!
The Gariety's came out to visit and of course we went to Disneyland!  Kyrie and Daphne showing us how to sit like princesses.

Thunder Mountain Railroad
Sean, enjoying Space mountain this time!
The kids totally rocked Tower of Terror!

Tarzan tree house

Fighting Darth Maul
Dallin walking away after  defeating Darth Maul, yeah, that was totally no big deal, he does that every day. 

We had tons of fun with the Garietys!  We love having visitors!