Friday, November 09, 2012

Halloween and a Disney trip

 It's very hard to decide which princess you'll be, but Kyrie finally decided on Cinderella this year. When we got her costume she would go missing and I would find her wondering out in the front yard singing to the neighborhood, trying to catch wildlife, birds, mice even grasshoppers.  She felt very connected to her costume and has even been wearing it when riding her bike.

We were able to escape to Disneyland one day last week!  Of course, Kyrie wore her Cinderella costume!  

 We finally went on the new cars ride.  I've been avoiding this ride because of the long line but finally Kyrie and I decided to bite the bullet and wait for two hours and ride the new radiator springs ride.  It was a fun ride! The wait, not so much.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor day fishing trip

 Labor Day we rented a small power boat and spent the day fishing.  We saw all sorts of marine life, these funny sea lions that were dancing in the water, and tons of pelicans.  The pelicans would sit by our boat and wait for us to reel in any fish, then try to snag them from our line.  Kyrie kept calling the pelicans turkeys and it didn't help that she would throw crackers at them and yell, "hey turkey, turkey!"
 Brian caught what we think is a skate fish, a member of the ray family.
Kyrie also caught a fish!  She was so excited.  We let our catches go, which also made Kyrie very happy.
What a fun day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School, First day of School!

 First day of first grade!  Kyrie is growing up so fast!  She was super excited to go to first grade and I meant to get a picture of just her shoes because she was way stoked to have sperry's that matched mommy's:)
 Kyrie's teacher is Patti Sherman (P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. Name the movie) and Kyrie loves her, and said to me "Mom she is not too old and she is hilarious! Seriously mom... hilarious."

Sand castles

Just some random pictures of Kyrie building a sand castle.
On the rare occasion Brian is home during daylight hours we will run to the beach and play.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sea world

 The Bunkers were in San Diego for a week!  Kyrie had a blast with Elena, Eliza, little Brandon and baby Emma (not pictured because she spent her time chillin in the stroller). We spent a day at Sea world and had fun with dolphins, Shamu, and all things "sea" related.

The kiddos playing in a polar bear cave.  Below, Kyrie begging for a sea turtle.  She watched a documentary about sea turtles on the discovery channel and has a new obsession.

At the end of the day all the kids were toast! I was toast! It was fun to have the Bunker's in town!  Hopefully they'll be moving out this way soon.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Day at the Beach

Yesterday we spent all day at the Beach.  Kyrie had tons of fun playing in the sand and jumping waves.  We went with our friends the Hardy's and the Hanson's, who both have three little girls.  
Above Kyrie and Leah, making sand castles.
Below Mia and her mom Vikki.  
All in all, it was a great day at the beach.  We will now spend all day, today, cleaning sand out from everywhere...

4th of July

 This fourth of July our Stake had a yummy pancake breakfast complete with a visit from the late President John Adams. 

Kyrie and Brian decorated her bike for the bike parade, and there was lots of singing and tree climbing fun.  Later that evening we were able to go to a friends house with other ward members, and watch the awesome firework show put on by the city from the comfort of the backyard!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Got Talent?

Kyrie and some cute girls in our ward did a dance to "My boyfriends back" for the ward talent show.  It was adorable!  Our Primary president (who used to be a dance instructor) taught the girls the dance and they loved it and had a blast doing it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Pictures

Family Pictures!
 Our talented friend Kristen Fuller took our family pictures in Old Town Temecula!
 We will have to make it a yearly thing so I will have my braces off for the next round!
 Brian had to get a family shot on his motorcycle:)
Thank you Kristen for sharing your amazing talent, and Brian for arranging the whole family photo shoot!

Kindergarten advancement

Kyrie's year of kindergarten has finally come to an end.  We refuse to call it a graduation because really, it's only kindergarten and the first of many many years of schooling yet to come :)  So we opted to call it kindergarten advancement.  Brian and I went to her "advancement" festivities where her class had prepared several cute musical numbers!  It was really fun to see her sing with all her classmates.  Kyrie has learned a lot this year! Her teacher, Mrs. Hughes, said Kyrie was such a sweetheart and always looked out for anyone having a bad day and tried to make them feel better.
The last week of school was crazy because we had moved down to Oceanside/Vista area and were still driving Kyrie back up to Menifee (about 50 minutes) for her school that started at 7:40 a.m. every day.  Kyrie was a super trooper!
We now live near the beach! Fun times for everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kyrie's birthday celebration

Kyrie's magical 6th birthday!

There is only one place to have a magical birthday... Disneyland!
First stop, the castle for a quick present, a Tinkebell outfit, complete with with a set of wings.  Next stop a visit to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique behind Sleeping Beauty's castle where the Fairy God Mother's deck you out like a Princess for the day, and bedazzle you with Pixie dust.
Ariels Grotto, lunch and a visit with the princesses.  One word...awesome!
Kyrie and her white chocolate seashell, she said she could here the ocean!
We had to stop at Pixie Hollow to meet her latest obsession, Tinkerbell.  They were instant best friends!  Kyrie had an amazing birthday and kept saying all day that it was the best day ever!  We love that little girl and are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Kyrie won Snow White's heart by asking her how her seven boy's were doing.
Kyrie and her new best friend.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A visit from the Lynton's!

 Leslie, Jared, Mason and Lilly came to town!  We went to Disneyland, of course!

 Mason's face on the picture below is epic.  I think that pretty much sums up how he felt about splash mountain!

 The kiddos showing us how cute they are in their bug eyes.

 We spent a day at the beach, the weather was perfect.  Not quite hot enough for me to get into the water, but that's not saying much.  It has to be be a good 90 before I feel like jumping into the ocean. 

 Kyrie loves Lilly and now that Lilly is gone Kyrie has been having severe Lilly withdrawals.

 Another day at Disney!  All the kids wanted to dress up.
 Come to find out Disney now owns Marvel so even Mason's spiderman attire was Disney.  Who knew, right?
 Lilly, such a cute snow white.
 Crazy pose on Screamin!
 Darth Maul staring down Kyrie and Mason who are seated in the front. 
We had fun with the Lynton crew as always.  Thanks for coming to visit!