Saturday, July 11, 2009

half dome

I have an amazing family!!  My dad planned an amazing backpacking trip in Yosemite, California.  It was all Emma's fault really.  Brian was awesome for letting me go and for watching Kyrie.  I love you Brian!  
Just before heading out for our grand adventure we ate at a buffet in Yosemite.  Delicious!  We were in a little bit of a rush so we shoveled the food in as fast as we could.  Which is pretty fast when you are a Stone.
Starting out on the Trail head.
I love this picture of my dad.  He is such a happy hiker!
The mighty women of this backpacking trip.
Just crossing a river in the middle of the trail. 
We had a lot of unexpected rain on this trip.   Yahoo for ponchos!
Arthur cooling is feet in a river.  They were probably numb after a couple of seconds.  The water was freezing yet refreshing!

Tent buddies! Emma and I shared a tent.   Thanks Emma for being such an amazing tent buddy! 

The Third day of our trip we climbed half dome!  If you want to find out what your really made of, I highly reccomend this trip.
Up up up the winding stairs.
Me and my dad!
Getting pumped up to climb the cables.

Sharee and I posing before the cables.  Good times.
Sharee was brave enough to pull out her camera and take a shot of Arthur climbing.  Sharee is extremely cordinated to pull this stunt off without letting half dome claim her camera!

We made it to the top!

Just a little perspective.

Yes, we climbed to the very top of that.
Sharee and Jacob showing off some crazy huge pine cones.  

I cannot take credit for this amazing picture.  It was taken by Sharee. 

The views on the way down were breathtaking!  
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I'm also so blessed to live in this beautiful world!  I love backpacking and can't wait to go again next summer.  Hint hint dad.