Sunday, March 23, 2008

Egg dying adventure.

On Saturday we decided to dye Easter Eggs. I rarley boil eggs and had forgotten the distinct boiled egg smell. I was reminded once again that I do not appreciate that smell. I do, however, enjoy dying eggs so it was a sacrifice my nose had to make.
Kyrie enjoyed dying the Easter eggs as well as trying to drink the egg dye. She kept grabbing at the cups and saying juice. Her nose must not have detected the vinegar smell because no matter how many times I told her it was yucky she kept saying, "Yummmm juice!" over and over again until she finally succeeded in dumping the blue dye all over herself and the counter. I just have to say how thankful I am for 409! It works wonders.
Kyrie also discovered that when the eggs are dropped off the counter they made a wonderful cracking noise and she was then able to eat them.
Here is Kyrie enjoying the fruits of her labor. She has decided that she rather likes dying Easter Eggs and the colorful results she gets.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thursday at the Zoo

At the zoo we were able to see our new little elephant on his first birthday! He is a very talented little guy!

Leave it to Kyrie to be more interested in the fire hydrant than the wonders of pride rock.
So much for the King of the Jungle, he doesn't realize he was replaced by a fire hydrant.

Kyrie aboard the old safari van in the African village.

As you can see, Kyrie had had enough of her safari and wanted out. I think she was overreacting. The van didn't even move, and her poor safari team was stunned by her sudden change in mood. You would think she was going through puberty. Oh wait, it's just the terrible two's hitting a couple months early.

All in all it was a most eventfull zoo trip, and Kyrie thouroughly enjoyed herself. The most wonderful part was, there were no bees! (Last time the bees were swarming everywhere, flying into the diaper bag and everything. I am not only allergic to bees, but I am deathly afraid of them. That is no exaggeration.)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Who would like a cookie?!

Today Kyrie and I made sugar cookies. Kyrie loves to "help" out in the kitchen. She also loves her new apron from Grammy Di. (Thanks Grammy Di!)
Yeah, Kyrie found out the dough was edible and had a little problem with putting in her mouth. She got that from me. I have a severe problem with eating dough. It's not just cookie dough, it even extends to bread dough. The only draw back with the bread dough is the yeast. It gives me quite a tummy ache. My favorite is actually blueberry muffin batter. I guess that's not so much dough, but I could eat a whole bowl of blueberry muffin batter without cooking one single muffin. Wait, I've actually done that.
A new favorite for Kyrie is the rolling pin. Long after we were done rolling out cookie dough, Kyrie had to take the rolling pin and push it around the house. Luckily I had already cleaned it off before it took the trip.
Kyrie was super excited to frost the cookies.
Once she figured out how to spinkle the sprinkles there was no going back. She was spinkling everywhere.
I don't think we have enough sprinkles on those cookies!
That's it for our great cookie experience!