Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's been a while

So, just a couple of random pics.  Kyrie, showing her great musical skills.  Playing her piano, holding her music and singing all at once.  What can I say, she is talented.

Valentines dinner, Kyrie took down half the decorations and actually piled them on her bed in her room.  I guess she thought they looked better there then on the table.
Kyrie, just modeling moms sweater, and earrings.  "I'n so pwetty!"  Kyrie likes to say over and over.
We just recently survived a pretty big ice storm.  Sorry to say the power along with most of the trees in Louisville didn't.
Power lines down!

Kyrie and her friend Darcy enjoyed pulling off all the icicles off the trampoline.  To bad we didn't have ice skates or they could have made their ice skating debut on the top of the tramp.