Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another day at the zoo!

Today Brian didn't have any class so he took us to the zoo. Because he was there, we splurged and rode the train and the merry-go-round. Kyrie has decided to bring dad to the zoo with her from now on.

Today the animals really held no appeal to Kyrie, it was all about the statues. Any time she saw one, she wanted to get on it.

Just a picture of Kyrie and Dad on yet another statue.
Aside from the statue obsession, Kyrie loved the geese that were wondering around. She kept trying to grab them and almost got her finger taken off. Sorry, no pictures were taken of that special event because mom and dad were too busy trying to potect the goose from Kyrie.

Here is Kyrie on one othe animals she rode on the merry-go-round. She didn't particulary like this one so we switched to the gorilla, then the giraffe, the lion, the frog, and finally the horse.
It was fun to spend the day with Brian, who is so often at school or studying. Kyrie and I have decided we rather like having him around!

Monday, April 07, 2008

A Early Spring Swim

After the Last session of General Conference, I took to the BBQ and Kyrie took a little dip while we had our backs turned. Mind you, that is rain water from the storm on Friday and Saturday.

Natalie was worried that it was too cold but of course, I figured that if it was really that cold, Kyrie wouldn't have stayed in so long....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Down Under

Mom, Dad, Steven, Joseph, Grace, Emmalee, and Isaac all flew out from Utah to spend spring break with us. We love it and had tons of fun! One of the days was spent at Kentucky Down Under. We had an awesome time and can now go back anytime we like because we have season passes! Yahoo for that! Most of the day down under was spent feeding the birds.

Mom even fed the birds.

Kyrie loves birds! She love to chase them, and squeeze them. Needless to say the birds aren't to keen on Kyrie. She would have been happy to spend the entire day in the aviary.

The Kangaroos weren't too active the day we went. They just wanted to lounge around.

A peacock, strutting it's stuff.

Kyrie also loved the goat, so much that she fed it all her pretzels. Yeah, she is great at sharing, at least when it comes to goats.

Brian and Steven were able to flip the sheep like they do in order to sheer them. They both flipped their sheep in record time. I think they both have a great future on a sheep farm.

We also were able to try our hands at cow milking. Dad thought it would be funny to squirt people with the cows milk and he nailed me in the leg. Thanks a lot dad!

This was my first time milking a cow! I can now say that I have successfully milked a cow. Mom also milked a cow!

And here are more birds! Like I said, we spent most of the day with the birds.
One bird was chewing on my collar while the other was sqwuaking in my ear. My ear rang for about an hour afterward, and I thought Kyrie was loud.

These birds had a head fettish I think. Sharee had a very viable concern that I felt needed to be addressed. There were no heads pooped on while creating these kentucky down under memories.
There could only be two possible explanations for this phenomenon. One, the birds were potty trained or two we just got lucky. I'm betting it was the latter of the two.
Can't wait to go back! Thanks mom and dad for the season pass, we love you guys!