Saturday, June 13, 2009

More of Nona in Town!

We had so much fun with Nona in town!  Kyrie loves her Nona!
Kyrie helped Nona with the dishes, sort of.
My mom helped me transplant my tulips, trim rose bushes, lay out new mulch, plant tomatoes, basil, onion, and thyme.  I love gardening with my mom!
While Nona was here we went to Churchhill Downs to see the races.  We thought number 2 was beautiful, just not that good of a racer.

Just checking out the horses and their jockey's.

Dad and Kyrie waiting for the races to begin.
We love watching the races and are glad we didn't place any bets.  We would have lost a lot of money!Kyrie at the zoo, kissing the croc!

At the zoo!

Nona and Kyrie!  Adventures in Gorilla forest.

Feeding the birds!
Ridin the turtle.
We did so many fun things with my mom here.  She left today and Kyrie cried home all the way from the airport.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Nona's in Town!

Kyrie eating strawberries
Nona picking stawberries while kyrie continued to eat more strawberries.
Kyrie still eating stawberries.

We love Strawberries!  Nona (my mom) came out to help Brian after his jaw surgery.  On Tuesday we went to Huber farm and picked a ton of strawberries.  Since, we've made strawberry freezer jam, strawberry smoothies, strawberry cooked jam, and fresh strawberry pie!  Deliciouse!!  We love strawberries but not as much as we love Nona!!