Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving in Georgia

We went down to Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with Uncle Ed and Aunt Esther's family.
Kyrie and Elaina loved playing outside in the leafs. Perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.
Yeah, they are pretty dang cute!

Heather Weston was able to come down to Georgia, her husband was across the country.
So here is a lovely shot of myself, Amber (my cousin), and Heather, slaving away in the kitchen over pies. Oh, and by the way, they were deliciouse, just in case you were wondering.

Amber was kind enough to push the girls (Kyrie and Elaina) on their princess coach through the family room.
This was Elaina's stop, she was trying a moving dismount. She's very clever.
Grandma Jerry lives across the lake from Uncle Ed's so she was also able to join in on the Thanksgiving festivities.
We love Grandma!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Okay, Okay I've been Tagged!

So it appears I've been tagged by several people already and now it is my duty to tell all of you six things about myself. Here goes ...

1. I was raised in California, Modesto mostly. My family used to go to Santa Cruise on Saturdays to surf a lot. It was my bishop actually, that taught me how to surf. He was the one who told me to pee in my wet suit to keep warm, thanks Bishop Mills for the sound, but somewhat disgusting, advice.

2. Growing up we always went camping at Yosemite or Mammoth Lakes. I've had several encounters with bears on all my camping adventures. I also love to backpack, I even took a backpacking class at BYU-Idaho. I was able to backpack through the Olympic rainforest in Washington. Good times! My dad took some of the girls including myself and my brother and brother-in-law on a great backpacking trip in Yosemite where I was able to climb Clouds Rest. I always wanted to climb to the top of Half Dome, so someday I will.

3. I love reading! I usually average two novels/books a week. I read the last Harry Potter book in two days. I also don't mind reading the same book 4 or 5 times, spread out of course. If I didn't I would have ran out of reading material years ago.

4. I love to exercise! I love pilates and swimming! Kyrie actually loves doing pilates with me and she makes a great weight for lifting while I do squats.

5. I have insomnia. I actually haven't slept for a little over four days in a row now, so even though I'm here, I'm not all there.

6. It also seems I suffer from short term memory loss like Dory on Finding Fabio, I mean Nemo. I am constantly forgetting things. It might have to do with lack of sleep.

There. Now that I've shared some marvalous things with you, I will tag Sharee, Melanie, Tiffany, Brian, Leslie, and whoever else wants to be tagged. I don't know how many people I am supposed to tag so I'm just wingin it.