Friday, July 01, 2011

More catching up...

Here is a craig's list find that I sanded down, primed, painted then antiqued for our guest bedroom.
Our guest bedroom taking shape!
For Easter I saw this cute idea in a family fun magazine and decided we would try it.  (I told you I was catching up!)  So here is one of our scuba Easter Eggs.  Kyrie really wanted to take them swimming with her in the spool.

Kyrie getting a big hug from Monster's Inc. Sully at California Adventure!

The Riley family came down for a visit, we loved having them!  We went on base and had a great tank photo shoot.
Kyrie and Kaelyn working it for the camera!
Kyrie turned 5 and had  Luau birthday party!

Here is Kyrie's luau sand castle cake that Heather and I slaved over.  Heather has been teaching me the ways of cake decorating and I must say we were very pleased with the way Kyrie's cake turned out.
The Riley girls and the Evans girls livin it up at Disney!

Kyrie's preschool graduation, those are just the kids from our ward.  So cute!
Kyrie, pretending to be a mermaid.
Picture day at dance, more to come after July 20th.
Kissy face
Jewls and Eric came to visit!  We loved having them!  Kyrie loved Lilly!  We went to the wildlife park and Sea world, but I must have forgot my camera for Sea world because I have no pictures!

 Brian's graduation from Camp Pendleton General Dentistry Residency Program.  I am so proud of him.  I'm sure most of you know by now, but he was accepted to the Oral Surgery Program in Balboa.  Way to go Brian!  We are truly so blessed!  
Our good friend Scott just had a birthday and to celebrate we went to club 33!  I didn't know about this club until my recent obsession with all thing Disneyland but apparently it's extremely exclusive!  Walt Disney had it built to next to his apartment over Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks Vikki and Scott for getting us in!  
 After you go up the elevator they have the beveled glass phone booth that was used in the movie "The Happiest Millionaire"  I got a picture of it on Vikki's camera!  I wanted to start dancing and singing, "I'll always be Irish!"

 After Brian gave Kyie a dental exam, Kyrie could not wait for him to come home so she could give him one. She even made her own dental mask!