Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Pictures

Family Pictures!
 Our talented friend Kristen Fuller took our family pictures in Old Town Temecula!
 We will have to make it a yearly thing so I will have my braces off for the next round!
 Brian had to get a family shot on his motorcycle:)
Thank you Kristen for sharing your amazing talent, and Brian for arranging the whole family photo shoot!

Kindergarten advancement

Kyrie's year of kindergarten has finally come to an end.  We refuse to call it a graduation because really, it's only kindergarten and the first of many many years of schooling yet to come :)  So we opted to call it kindergarten advancement.  Brian and I went to her "advancement" festivities where her class had prepared several cute musical numbers!  It was really fun to see her sing with all her classmates.  Kyrie has learned a lot this year! Her teacher, Mrs. Hughes, said Kyrie was such a sweetheart and always looked out for anyone having a bad day and tried to make them feel better.
The last week of school was crazy because we had moved down to Oceanside/Vista area and were still driving Kyrie back up to Menifee (about 50 minutes) for her school that started at 7:40 a.m. every day.  Kyrie was a super trooper!
We now live near the beach! Fun times for everyone!