Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Put on your sunday clothes and have your picture took." (Hello Dolly)

Of course Kyrie feels as good as she looks!

It's Sunday and Kyrie's looking good! It's one of our last Sunday's before moving into our house, hence the piles of boxes everywhere. This Sunday Kyrie donned a blue dress from Gymboree that Natalie got for over 75% off. Yeah, I rock!
When I grow up I want to be a dentist just like my daddy! The scrubs are just a little to baggy, but whatever!


Julian said...

Flower Power, Good Luck Movin In!

trish said...

Hey it's your long lost pal Trisha ( you both knew me by)! Anyways, Heather told me about Sharees blog and so I stumbled across yours on her link list! I am so excited! Your little girl is absolutely adorable! It looks like you guys are doing great. Its still so funny to me that my best pal from my preschool days and a buddy from my high school days are married!

We must be on the same page because we too spent Memorial day at the zoo! Check out our blog if you'd like"