Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mel in town

While Brian was gone to Utah, Melanie came out to Kentucky! Kyrie loved her and actually started screaming "Me me me" as we were pulling away from the airport after dropping Melanie off. Kyrie kept saying "Where'd she go?" when we got home and began searching the house, starting with looking under the couch cushions. It took a while before she finally realized Melanie was gone and not coming back. I had tons of fun with Melanie here! Thanks Mel for coming all the way from California to Kentucky to hang out with me!
So, while Mel was in town we went to the zoo. Kyrie was all over the place as usual, but she quite attached to her "aunt me me me". Just a few of the cool animals we saw while at the zoo. It was so hot all the animals were content to just lay around so there wasn't a lot of action.

Melanie, Kyrie, and the Rhino's

Kyrie spent more time pushing the stroller then actually sitting in it. Whatever.

Of course no zoo trip would be complete without a nice refreshing ice cream cone.

Melanie and Kyrie just seeing how they measured up to a full-grown gorilla.

Me, Mel, and Kyrie at the zoo!
By the end of our zoo trip we were hot and sweaty. It was a hot humid day but tons of fun.
I'm so glad Melanie was able to come out. She was such a big help, and even gave me a facial which was amazing! Mel is so much fun to be around I love her. I am so grateful for sisters! (Brothers too) Having five sisters is a blessing. I love having "built-in" best friends!


The ALPINE Hub said...

We love you so thank you so much for sharing your husband i am so glad you got to play while he was away. He will be home in a few hours & made such a big difference at our house. We love you girls so much!!!
Thanks again
Hugs and Kisses
Alpine Mom

Ryan and Ashley said...

I love how much you guys are blogging! It is so much fun. I wish that I could have met Melanie! I love her (even though I've never met her).

Melanie said...

Natalie!!! thanks sooo much! I had a BLAST!! I was quite sad when I had to get on the plane :( I would have cried but girls with rainbow hair dont cry, they are always happy!! just kidding...but seriously, I'm gonna make you a birdcage braclet...out of stainless steal... or maybe just some paperclips I dont know! I LOVE YOU AND KYRIE...AND BRIAN EVEN THOUGH BRIAN WASNT THERE!!
also I love ryan and ashley! I wish I had met them too!!


The Anderson Family said...

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Wish I could have been out there for the party. I'm glad Mel was able to make it out there to keep you company while Brian was away, just remember it's my turn next time you're home alone :) Love ya tons!

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

I love when family comes to visit. Nat I bet you were eating it up just as much as Kyrie was. Brian I have to say that you are a guy with many talents. The floor looks great.

Sharee & Arthur said...

How fun! I'm glad Melanie got to come out and hang with you so you weren't alone. That's what sisters are for, right? We are so blessed to have each other!!! I can't wait for my turn to come out!

Reed Family said...

So fun! I'm of the opinion that we need to have us a little sisters reunion in the next year or two! (I say, year or two cuz it's gonna take that long...or longer, to save some money for it...), but seriously...I miss you guys tons and I'm so glad Mel was there with you during Brian's absence!