Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sharee's visit

Sharee came to visit! Arthur watched the four kids back in New Mexico all by himself! Yes, I would agree that he is an amazing brother-in-law!
While Sharee was here we went to the zoo. Kyrie really loved having Sharee out here. Like melanie, Kyrie took Sharee very quickly and dragged her around the house with her. Kyrie is pretty strong and I wouldn't be suprised if Sharee has to have therapy on her shoulder for the next little while. Of course we had to scrapbook while Sharee was here. She brought tons of her close to my heart supplies and stamps. We spent the whole time working on a calendar that turned out so cute! Like I said, Kyrie loved Sharee. She even sat still for Sharee to paint her fingers and toes. This is an amazing accomplishment for Kyrie who can't sit still long enough to get a diaper change, let alone long enough for anyone to paint one toe nail.

Brian made crab, and it was the first time Sharee had ever had crab. It was great! Thank you Brian.

We went antique shopping! Sharee and I could probably spend days antique shopping and not get tired. We found a few cute things. Actually we found tons of cute things, but because we are so savvy and frugal with our money we only purchased these few things. It was so much fun having Sharee out here for a visit. We miss her tons. Kyrie still walks into the room Sharee slept in and calls Sharee's name sitting on the bed with books surrounding her. Sharee read a lot of books to Kyrie while she was here.


Sharee and Arthur said...

Ohhh, I'm happy and sad that Kyrie misses me! Happy because I'm glad she likes me, and sad because I can picture her sitting on the bed with the books and no Aunt Sharee . . . I miss that girl! I'm gonna work on the last two months of our calendar next week, and I'll send you the ones I finish so you can add them to yours. Brian should be duly impressed with our September Football collage.

Mark and Jody said...

maybe you can teach me how to scrapbook sometime b/c I had this super cute idea that I was going to make Mark a scrapbook of our first year of marriage (for his anniversary gift) but I totally gave up after 4 hours and not getting anything done!!!! I'm just not very creative :-( and I guess i just don't have the patience :-)

Ryan and Ashley said...

Family is so fun! Your sister is a doll. You forgot to mention that you two sang together! It was beautiful.

Craig & Mandie Sue said...

nat!! you have some muscles in one of your pics while your scrapbooking, gosh girl look at you!! i miss you guys, I am so excited to see everyone in january! I am so excited to be somewhat related to you! yea! well keep in touch, and let bri know that we couldnt find that crazy fight online, its blocked.. well have fun love you guys!!

Heather Mills said...

How have such a sweet family! Holiday World looks like it was great, too!