Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Break!

This Christmas we spent in Utah with Brian's side of the family. We had so much fun with everyone!! Kyrie loves her Papa and Grandma along with all her aunts and uncles. Where to start? We went sledding, which was Kyrie's favorite thing. Evertime she went down she would squeal, "Again, Again!!!"Kyrie and Kay Kay
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Christmas Eve, Stacey put together a wonderful Nativity with costumes, special musical numbers and a script.
Brian was the donkey, Kyrie was an Angel.Just some angels, sheperds and a donkey.Family Nativity
Christmas morning. Wicked Tickets!!!
Kyrie sharing her most prized possesion. Sparkly lip gloss.
After Christmas we made our way down to Tahoe to spend time with the Stones!
Jemma, Daphne, and Kyrie getting ready to sled down the hill.Skiers and snowboarders, oh yeah baby! I finally went skiing again after a two year absence. It's like riding a bike! I was very impressed with all my siblings and in-laws mad skiing and snowboarding skills. Most impressive! :)
Brian getting some sweet air!

Natalie (that's me!) getting some sweet air before landing on her head. Not joking!
Just a couple of ski bunnies, or is that snow bunnies?

Sisters plus mom!

Family Photo

Big family photo. The Stones at Stonehaven! Thanks Grammy and Grandpa Stone for letting us play at your cabin!

Just the two of us!

After Tahoe we went back to Utah for Craig and Mandie's wedding!
The wedding dinner was awesome and our brother Jared made some pretty sweet Cafe Rio Cilantro dressing! So here's a shout out for the amazing Cilantro dressing!

Jared, Leslie, and little Mason at the wedding dinner.

Craig and Mandie right after they were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple!

Mandie Sue with all the crazy kids.

Kyrie and Dad

We had so much fun with all our family this Christmas break and can't wait to see everyone agian soon. Congrats Craig and Mandie, we love you!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Natalie! Good job updating your blog! I still haven't gotten around to ours yet, but I will . . . hopefully before February. It was so good to see you over the break! We love you guys!

Lindsey said...

Lots of traveling! Looks like your holidays were much more thrilling than mine. Hope you're well!

April said...

that is a great family photo of the three of you. You have a beautiful family!


Rob and Heather Weston said...

Natalie... Looks like you had a fabulous time. Grrr. I think that we may have been up north the same time you guys were... So much for my friendship skills. I need to work on that better. You guys look so happy. And Kyrie has grown up so much. She is adorable. PS. Thanks to You and Brian for helping us sell our house, and taking care of it for a whole freakin year. Seriously... we are so very thankful for such amazing friends like you guys. When life every slows down, I will have to reconnect with ya. Have you updated more on your house? We need pictures. Post more home improvements. Take Care and sorry for the long massive comment. Like I said earlier, its been awhile.

vintagehousewife said...

Aaah, what lovely pictures! Looks like Christmas was fun and that Kyrie had a great time!