Saturday, October 10, 2009

To update or not to update?

Yes, it's been a while since my last update.  It seems that after I take the time to upload my pictures I have absolutely no desire to write anything about the  "said" pictures.  So here are some random pics that have been taken in the last month and I'll do my best to at least label the pictures you will be viewing.
Below, Brian took the scouts and Kyrie to Red River Gorge, KY for a camp out.  Kyrie watched and cheered (go daddy g0) as the boys, and Brian took turn jumping off the rocks.

 So while Brian was busy setting up the tent, Parker (another little three yr. old camping buddy) needed to relieve himself.  So as boys do he pulled his pants down aimed and went.  Kyrie, after watching Parker, decided she would relieve herself in a like manner.  Needless to say girls and boys have different plumbing and Kyrie's potty experience was not as clean or as precise as Parker's.  Thanks Parker for this valuable lesson.
Kyrie, Brian, and the boys (scouts) hiking!
Hiking with Paul Bowen. 
  Kyrie had a blast hiking, and eating hot dogs by the camp fire.
Kyrie loves it when dad comes to the zoo because she gets to ride the merry-g0-round.  I have found that getting Kyrie off the merry-go-round is next to impossible and have decided to leave that draining task to someone (like Brian) with superior strength,  to wrestle Kyrie off the merry-go-round. 
Me and Kyrie at the Gorilla habitat.  I am continually amazed at how pungent the smell in there is.  Wow, it takes my breath away!  Kyrie walks in and says "Oh mom, stinky poopy".
Kyrie and her cousin/bestest friend Elana caught primping in the bathroom. 

Brian, Shane, Stacey and I drove over to Lexington for the Kentucky vs. Louisville Football game.  Brian made some killer ribs  and Shane made a mean green bean casserole that we enjoyed before the game.  
Oh so yummy! 

Just posing after a well earned victory.
Kentucky won! Blue is easier to wear than red, go BYU!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Hooray! Thanks for posting new pictures. I know how you feel about narrating the pictures after it takes so long to upload them. Maybe we should just post the pictures and a title and call it good, huh? But actually, I really do enjoy reading your narrative, so please continue to tell us about the pictures!! Love you to pieces!

trish said...

okay i love your hair. what a perfect cut for your beautiful face. LOVE IT!! oh, and i have expereinced the "different plumbing" issue with my daughter too...its hrd for a 3 year old to remember that boys dont work the same as girls :)

Melanie said...

OH NAT so cute! love the pic with Kyrie and her pants down! halarious! your hair still looks amazing! I can't believe how big Kyrie is getting! so NUTS!!


Reed Family said...

Hooray for updates...(I have been terrible at that lately...whatever). Brian's ribs made my mouth water! You guys sure stay busy. We miss you and love you BuNcHeS!