Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Princess Photo Shoot

For Christmas Jenny made the girl cousins (except little Lillian) these cute tutus, so of course Melanie had to head up a princess photo shoot of Kyrie, Daphne and Jemma.
So cute!!!

This one is my favorites of Kyrie. It captures perfectly Kyrie's undying commitment to truly embody the spirit of a fairy princess, in all her glory.

Thanks Mel and Jen for making this photo shoot possible. :)
Also a big shout out to the lovely models, Daphne, Kyrie, and Jemma.


Sharee and Arthur said...

I love that picture of Kyrie too. It's perfect. miss you guys.

Laura said...

So cute! tutus are fun :) I love your family pictures in the previous post, too!

KyleandAmanda said...

Kyrie is a beautiful princess! So cute! Those pictures make me so excited for Addie to get bigger! How are you guys? We need to hang out soon!

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of their legs. That one is my favorite. They all look so precious.