Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Lounging lion at the wild animal park.

Below, a project inspired by my friend Vikki, displaying Kyrie's artwork in her (work in progress) play room/loft.
Kyrie dressed up as Ariel for her preschool Halloween Party.
Kyrie with her friends.
My halloween costume.  Pretty amazing right?  No, I wish.  Disneyland!!  Kyrie was picked for Jedi training.  I really need to work with her on her Jedi skills so next time she is picked I will not be so embarassed.  Throughout the training she just kept striking poses for pictures.

Sharee, Arthur and Family came out for a visit in which we crammed in Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, the Beach and Sea World.  It was tons of fun!!  I think Dallin would have been a little more qualified to fight Darthvader.  Hey, I've always wanted to fight Darthvader.  Next time Kyrie will be ready, I tell you!  Okay, enough of Kyrie's Jedi training, I'm not bitter that I was not picked.  I'm not bitter that I am too old to participate in the jedi fun.  I'm not. :)
Kyrie and Daphne

At the Zoo with the cousins

Pickin pumpkins

Kyrie found her soul pumpkin

Kyrie swimmin with her buddies Hannah and Leah in the spool

Here is a picture of my Kitchen.  I love this Kitchen!
Here is a brief video of Kyrie's fight with Darthvader.


Sharee and Arthur said...

Hurray! We love have updates! Kyrie's little mermaid costume was very cute and very modest! Good job! However, next time Kyrie fights Darth Vader, I expect her to be more prepared, Natalie. I can't believe you have slacked off in such an important parently duty. :) She actually did remarkably well for striking poses during training instead of paying attention to the class! We love you guys!

Eric and Jewels said...

Loved the video of Kyrie's dual with Darthvader made me laugh :) Love you lots and by the way I'm still waiting for you to return my phone call!! :)

Reed Family said...

So, I'm pretty sure our desktop has a virus, cuz I can't see specific blogs ...yous is one of them!!! But, no prob when I use Bran's laptop! So,
I finally have a chance to look at what you've been up to! I Love what you did with those shutters in Kyrie's room, her art display is adorable, and I thought Kyrie's costume was so cute! Did you make that cuz it's genius! A modest Ariel!!! Well, we sure love you guys and, I love your kitchen too! (Mine would fit in your pantry!)

Justin and Christine said...

That is a really cute way to display art! Love the pictures.