Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Yet another update!

My friend Vikki threw me an amazing baby shower.  She put so much work into it, and everything was beautiful!  I was just overwhelmed with all the love from everyone!

 Easter this year we did another Easter egg hunt with the neighbors in our court, and of course had way too many eggs!
Kyrie is turning 8!!  Can't believe she is growing up so fast!  We went to the beach and took pictures for her baptism announcements. She is so excited to get baptized!


Melanie said...

I'm sad I missed out on your shower! I'm glad it was a huge success though! You look amazing and I can't believe how fast Kyrie is growing either! She looks beautiful in her baptism photos!
Love you lots!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh my goodness. LOVE Kyrie's haircut and her beautiful baptism dress and all her baptism announcement pics. She is beautiful. I can't believe she is old enough to be baptized already! And I believe that is a picture of the little girl outfit I sent you! It looks so tiny. :) That makes me smile. Vikki did a beautiful job on your shower. All that detail is amazing!