Monday, August 06, 2007

Taking the plunge!

Here's Brian, taking the plunge.

Kyrie, who didn't take the plunge.

Reed (below) and Emma (above) took the plunge!
Even Natalie took the plunge!

It was cold okay!


trish said...

What a fun trip. It was fun to see the "Stone" kids all grown up. I can't believe seeing Reid & Emma and all the younger kids not teeny tiny like I remember. Wow!

Melanie said...

oh that day was fun wasnt it!

Jared & Leslie said...

AWE that looks like so much fun! 2 summers ago I went to Aspen with my girlfriends and we did cliff jumping only about 20 feet and it was freeky!! it took me about 15 min. to take the plunge :) Natalie you are a brave warrior! can't wait to get to see you! please consider bringing Kyrie! I want to squeeze her cute little face :)
all the love,