Friday, September 28, 2007


Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, my bubbles!
We finally got out the bubble machine and let Kyrie chase bubbles all over the backyard. She loved it! So did the neighbor kids!

So, Kyrie's new favorite thing is doing the dishes. She is happy to stand at the sink with a sponge for over thirty minutes at a time. It's great because now I can actually make dinner without her trying to jump in the oven.


trish said...

It's your old friend Trisha again! Hope I don't bug you that I check your blog from time to time! I love seeing what goes on with you guys! Kyrie, my kids are wishin they lived at your house with all the bubble fun!
Natalie, your new house looks super cute! Congrats!

The ALPINE Hub said...

that is so cute to see her having fun!! yes that would be really good if she didn't jump in the oven and have her for dinner. Just start her doing the dishes. She is good for something;)
love you all!
the ALPINE hub

Dickson Family said...

that is super cute...i love it. kyrie cracks us up.

Melanie said...

awe, look at little K having fun in the yard! sheesh, I wish you guys were coming over for Christmas.
anywho, check my profile, I got pics of my third dress...and some pics of sexy jewels, reason enough to check it out.

Cathy said...

Can Kyrie come do dishes at my house! I always have a sinkful. She is getting so big.

Dickson Family said...

i will check those places out...brinn said cumberland falls was too far away for just a night. we might go two she was going to talk to michael, but i like to be home on tuesday to get ready for the week. so we were thinking about sunday going and thinking about saturday night depending on how the boys feel. but the civil war one looks cool...where is that at? i am sure there is camping somewhere...we will have to look into it. hope all is well happy everything

Anonymous said...

Hi natalie! How are things going? I cannot believe how big kyrie has gotten, she is so adorable!

Melanie said...

NATALIE! girl you are so nice, making me feel all good inside bout my dresses, of course I will make you one, but someone needs to drive me down to Idaho Falls so I can get you some sweet fabric at Joans!! anyhoo, I love you tons
by the way, what colors do you want again?