Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Helping Hands

On Sunday I decided to build a cake or something, and Kyrie wanted to lick the beaters from the whipped cream. Who doesn't love licking beaters, honestly? Kyrie also wanted to lick the bowl, which ended up being a little more complicated.

Kyrie posing with dad after her head was put underneath the kitchen faucet. Hello, we had to get the whipped cream out of her hair.

So Kyrie loves helping in the kitchen so much, that when I try to get her out she throws a lovely tantrum with all the bells and whistles. She doesn't leave anything out. The flayling arms are a must as well as the arched back and limp head. But my favorite is the stomping and destroying. So, to avoid these minor tantrums I let Kyrie work in the kitchen for as long as she likes, doing dishes, cleaning the floors, sliming the floors, lets throw a few breaks in there. You get the picture. All in all its a grand time in Natalie and Kyrie's kitchen of fun.


Melanie said...

oh my goodness...Kyrie is so gorgeous!! I mean, she is darling! I cant believe that it is 90 degrees over there!! that is insane, well it snowed like 2 feet and then the sun came out and melted all the snow away, darn.
oh and about Jewels Emma dress, well it was way too big in the bust and way too small in the waist! so she sent it back, for a refund cuz it didnt fit and then they (at the bridal salon in Utah) were all like "um we cant get you refund cuz this was a special order..." and so I pretended to be Jewels and called them up and wooped out the Bi-o-tch, and told them how it was gonna be! ya so they're giving her a full refund now (expect for a 20 dollar restocking fee) but the new dress jewels has, is GORGEOUS! loves it!
(the poofier one)
well I love you tons chica, oh and did you get your chacos yet?
oh and I do look good eating snow huh! :)


garietys said...

Natalie, I love, Love, LOVE that picture of you and Kyrie with the bowl on her head. That is so classic. You should frame it and hang it in your kitchen. Very cute of both of you. love, sharee