Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas we spent down in Georgia with Uncle Ed and Aunt Esther's family. We love them! The break was filled with games, puzzles, caroling and food.
While Brian was out in the yard with Kyrie he had a little mishap with the mud. His leg sunk into the mud up to his shin and took off his shoe. What a great dad!
Kyrie had a blast jumping on the neighbors tramp with Sam and dad. Santa brought our family a tramp this year for Christmas! Yahoo for Santa!Here is Kyrie admiring the tree ornamants.
While Callie chilled out on Sams bum.
Just Kyrie and mom, chillin by the Christmas tree.
Kyrie chillin with dad watching a movie.

We have been so blessed this Christmas, actually all year. We are so grateful for the Savior and His birth. We love all our family and friends and wish everyone a very merry Christmas!


Dickson Family said...

we miss you guys hope you are having a great time. when you come back?

The Meyers said...

Hope you had a great Christmas! What is better than food at Christmas?? Come over and Cricut with me. This time I am SERIOUS

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

I can not believe how BIG Kyrie is. We sure miss you guys. Hopefully we will get to see you guys sometime this upcoming year!