Saturday, January 05, 2008

Grandpa Stone's 80th Birthday

Kyrie and I flew out to California and were able to go to Grandpa Stone's 80th b-day bash. It was tons of fun!

All six sisters singing boogie woogie bugle boy.

Just Emma and me, posing for a picture.
Grandpa had 80 candles on his cake. That's right 80! Pretty crazy huh?!

Grammy helped Grandpa blow out all 80 of his candles and we were all amazed when the fire alarm didn't go off.

Grandpa played "In the Mood". Of course it was amazing! We love Grandpa!


garietys said...

Hey Natalie,
I need to get those pictures from Grandpa's Birthday (especially the birthday cake stuff.) I wasn't in a good spot, and my pictures didn't come out as well! Good job updating your blog so promptly. I downloaded my pictures off my camera onto the computer today, so that's a start, right? love you!

Anonymous said...

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