Saturday, January 05, 2008

California Adventures!

Kyrie was having a blast jumping on the tramp with her uncles and cousins. What can I say, she is a party animal.

Daphne was kind enough to give Kyrie a piano lesson.

Kyrie loves cousin Hayden and has been so gentle with him.
Kyrie has had tons of fun with all her cousins! She loves to jump on the trampoline, play the piano, and play with blocks. She also warmed up to Grandpa and wanted him to hold her and play lincoln logs with her.


The Kentucky Bakers said...

How cute is Kyrie at the piano! I think she is ready, Nat. You should start her early!

Rob & Heather Weston said...

Natalie... It sounds like you had a GREAT Christmas break. Miss ya guys too much. We have about 1 month until the baby will be here.