Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Pictures

Here are some pictures from the zoo. Our neighbor Elizabeth came with us. Kyrie likes to follow her around and do whatever she does.

In the gorilla lookout they have this old type writer that kyrie loves. We usually can't get her away from it unless we bribe her.

Just a few friendly flamingos.


trish said...

She's so cute. I hope sometime we are in Alpine at the same time so that we can see you guys. We are going for the first few weeks in June, any chance you will be visiting?

Sharee & Arthur said...

I think I would like to sit down and play with that typewriter too. It looks very fun. We're all about bribes in our family too.

Reed Family said...

So, all your photos of the zoo really makes me want to go! The last time I went was in Albuquerque 2 summers ago. I've heard there's one in Idaho falls...I'll have to check it out before we move to Oregon!

The Meyers said...

I love the zoo! hopefully I will get to come with you guys sometime :-)