Saturday, May 16, 2009


We went camping at Taylorsville lake and had tons of fun.   We went with the Dicksons and on the second day were joined by the Anderson family.  

Kyrie, Dana, Tessa, and Dax lookin good for a photo opp.

Dana, Kyrie, and Dax loved to hike circles around our campsite.  Kyrie now always is asking for Dana and just out of the blue she will sigh and say "I lika Dana."
Here we are just rowin around the lake with Dana and Kyrie.
We really had tons of fun!


Julian said...

Playing in the Dingy!

Sharee and Arthur said...

What fun, guys! Kyrie is really starting to look old to me. She's turning into a little girl instead of a toddler. It's kind of sad. I'm glad she has such fun with her friends!

Reed Family said...

YAHOO for A NEW POST!! That area you guys camped in looks GORGEOUS! And I agree with Sharee, Kyrie looks so much older! Maybe it's the bangs...has she always had those?

Eric & Jewels said...

Holy cow, I almost didn't recognize Kyrie! That girl is growing fast. Oh Eric wants you to let Brian know that he likes the aviator sun glasses he's sporting. Love you guys!