Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring break, final chapter

Another day at Sea World.  Kyrie, just enjoying one of the rides in Shamu's happy harbor.
The sea lion show was a riot!  Kyrie was laughing, clapping, and of course screaming with joy!
Can't get enough of Shamu!  
My new haircut is awesome!  Mandie did an amazing job.  I get up in the morning and spend zero minutes on my hair.  That's right, zero.  Okay, maybe somedays it's two minutes.  I'm lovin it!  Thanks Mandie!  You rock!

Kyrie loved this turtle.  In fact, she started screaming after it left and tried chasing it around the park.

Kyrie and daddy jammin out on the tin drums. I think Brian had more fun with those things than Kyrie did.
As many of you know, Kyrie is a wonderer.  She loves to run all over the place and most of my time is spent chasing her.  So here is one of the many times I chased Kyrie down.  This time she actually happened to be chasing the big green turtle you can actually see in the right corner of the picture.   By the time I caught up to her she was pushing another child away from the turtle and saying "Kyee's turn!"Brian, checking out my new dew.

On the way back to Kentucky.  Kyrie was lonely driving back without her road trip buddies Mandie and Craig.  We loved Spring break this year and can't wait for next year.  


Heather Mills said...

Your hair is SO CUTE! Just thought you would like to know, (again!)

Lauren said...

I want a 4 part Spring Break!! Heck I will take a 1 part Spring Break!! Lucky :) Your hair looks awesome by the way!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow! your haircut IS awesome! You look great! I can't believe that in just a few short months you went from the longest hair in the family to the shortest! Just goes to show you that haircuts are addictive! I know I frequently find myself thinking, "Wonder what it would be like to go just a little shorter?"

Reed Family said...

I love the hair!!! I've been thinking "shorter might be nice" lately too!

trish said...

What a fun Spring Break and I love the new hairdo, so perfect on you!

wad said...

Natalie! Your haircut looks great! I love that the Stone girls were never afraid of a rockin haircut. Miss you and your sisters so much but hope all is well out east.