Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Catch up...

Moving into our rental home.  Kyrie loved having all the open space before our things arrived.  She rode her scooter all over the house.
Swimming in the spool.  It's the perfect Kyrie size.
Kyrie's room before
Kyrie's room after
I had these shutters in Kyrie's room in Kentucky but they wouldn't fit the windows out here in the west.  I was so sad and could not bring myself to throw the shutters away, so I came up with this.  
Kyrie, Nathan, and David (Heather and Jake's boys) at the zoo.

I love the zoo!  We got to see an elephant eat lunch, up close.

Kyrie and Dad at the wildlife park.

Me and Kyrie!

Kyrie, off to preschool!

We went for a stroll on the beach.  Kyrie was chasing seagulls when a wave came out of nowhere and knocked her down.  She was such a good sport about it.  She just kept saying "mom, that wave got me, huh?"
So I will hopefully be updating again soon.  I have more pics, just not enough time or patience  at the moment to download them onto the blog. 


Sharee and Arthur said...

That shutter frame is so cute!!! awesome job using them for something. I wish my room was as beautiful as Kyrie's!

That's so cute that she was such a good sport about the wave "getting her." Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!

Jody said...

y'alls house is beautiful!! I absolutely love kyrie's bedroom. and seriously natalie the shutter idea is soo cute! i wish i were krafty like that!! we are so excited to see yall this christmas!

oh and kyrie's hair is so long! i love it! she is looking so grown up.

Diane said...

Natalie..your home is so are soo talented..the shutters look what a transformation of Kyries room. can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!! love you guys

Eric and Jewels said...

Natalie do you think you could help me decorate my house? The house I'm speaking of doesn't exsist yet but one day I'll have a house and I stink at decorating but you don't so maybe you could help me, yes? I'm so bummed that I wont be seeing your beautiful home this Thanksgiving. Eric and I will definately need to plan a trip out to your place (maybe after this little guy is born). Oh and I can't believe how Kyrie just keeps growing!! She's super cute and I love how she was such a good sport about the sneaky wave :) I love you and thanks for the update!!

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

I LOVE your house. I love Kyrie's room and Scott and I loved talking to you guys the other night on facetime. It was so fun to see your house. It looks like you guys are loving out west. We can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Heather Mills said...

The new place looks nice! I hope you are loving it there in So Cal!

The Meyers said...

I love the way you decorate! You rock. So awesome to have a pool. Miss ya girlie

Julian said...

Uumm...rental house. I've never seen such a nice rental house. Love seeing the update. Funny thing: my sister now lives in your old apartment--the one where we first met. Crazy, huh!? And Julian and I were just remembering the other day about when you and I were STARVING and you were wasting away from hunger & I blew you over. Miss you guys & hope to see you soon!