Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Christmas at Tahoe!

So here are the Christmas Pictures that I had also already uploaded into the blog but neglected to post.  Lucky you, a trip down memory lane.  Bet you weren't expecting that when you hopped onto my blog.
Well here is Christmas.  We spent it at Tahoe with my family.  It was tons of fun!  
Jemma helped me frost these cupcakes that we had for Brandon's birthday which is Christmas Eve.
After Brandon's Birthday celebration we delved into the Nativity.  
Below, two cute angels Daphne and Kyrie and a cute Mary, played by Jemma.
The cutest donkeys ever!  Carter and Hayden

Some Wise guys :)
The Nativity.  
Christmas morning
The brother in laws were very sneaky this year and all got together and got their wives a special gift.
Tickets to Celine Dion in Vegas!!
This year this kids all put there money together and started a missionary fund for Mom and Dad.  I think we scored judging by mom's reaction!
Just some random family pics taken by Melanie.  Thanks Mel!

We loved spending time with the Stone family this year.  It was so fun to be all together and play games, make super cute table runners, make ornaments, ski, and sing songs, hide for Santa and watch Christmas movies.  

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Eric and Jewels said...

Way to go Nat!! I'm super impressed with your updates love the family pics. And those cupcakes were to die for, loved the chocolate filling inside (my mouth is watering just thinking about them).