Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Part 1

Wow!  We love Florida!!!  For spring break this year, Mandie and Craig flew out to Kentucky and we drove down to Florida for a week of fun.  The first day in Florida was spent at Sea World.  
Just a little gator chillin by the water.

Kyrie, Brian, Craig and Mandie chillin by the sting ray pool.
Kyrie trying to swim with the sting rays.  

Mandie Sue

We love sea lions!  A little stinky, but highly entertaining!
Psycho looking shark.  Really glad there was thick plexy glass seperating us from the dozens of hungry looking sharks.

Kyrie getting pumped for the Shamu show!

Shamu!  Shamu!  Not gonna lie, Shamu rocks!  Kyrie and I have decided when we grow up we want to swim with Shamu!

Kyrie and I playing with some really cool hand puppets.  

Kyrie loved the dolphins, someday she will swim with them too.  Of course I will be there to help her.  Discovery Cove, here we come (probably next year).

The dolphin pool!
That concludes part 1 of our spring vacation... it's not over yet!


Rob and Heather said...

Looks like fun. What so did everyone go to Florida this Spring Break. Must have been the place to go. Tell Brian that Rob misses him. He probably says that... oh probably once a week. Kyrie is getting so big. I bet you guys are having so much fun.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Yahoo guys! Wow what a party! I want to see Shamu! And you guys, of course. Love you!