Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Part 2

We have lift off!
Brian, Craig, and Mandie went to Cape Canaveral to watch a space shuttle launch!
They said it was amazing!  
One of the days was spent at Daytona Beach.  It was tons of fun.

Brian would throw the football out into the ocean and let the waves carry it back.  Kyrie thought this was the best trick ever!

Craig and Mandie
Our H3 saw it's big brother!

Two good lookin beach babes! (Mandie and Kyrie, who do ya think.)

Kyrie and me playing in the water.
Now you see her,
now you don't.
Mommy saving Kyrie from a killer wave.
Eating sand, not such a good idea!
Just takin the hummer for a spin on Daytona Beach!  Good times.


Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

Looks like tons of fun! I don't think my spring break will be that spectacular. :( Are you back in Kentucky now? It seems weird that you live so far away!

Heather Mills said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Rob and Heather said...

The Ocean looks beautiful. I bet Brian was having too much fun with the Hummer!

Eric & Jewels said...

Nat it looks like you and your little family had a sweet spring break! I love your hummer by the way and next time you plan on doing something fun please invite!
Love you lots!!

Sharee and Arthur said...
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Sharee and Arthur said...

What a party, you guys. Arthur is going to be so jealous about the Cape Canaveral part. He is always mentioning how fun it would be to take the kids out there and watch a launch. (I think he would enjoy it best of all the kids!) Anyway, glad you guys are having such a great time. I look at the beach pictures and sigh! Our spring break has been chilly--in fact Albuquerque is forecasted to get a couple of inches of snow tomorrow!

Sharee and Arthur said...

p.s. That deleted comment right before me was me. ("Oh--it's me again" name the movie.) I don't like how once you publish your comment, you can't go back and fix mistakes--you have to delete the whole thing. what the? Anyways. love you guys.

Julian said...

You guys are so fun! Natalie, I noticed your red swimsuit did not make a guest appearance at the beach! Can't wait to see you guys! --Alicia

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