Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh what a beautiful day!

Today was a beautiful day! 85 degrees with the sun shining!
This morning
Kyrie decided she wanted to help out in the kitchen so she pulled up the stepping stool and made her way over to the counter.
Uh-Oh she got caught!
We purchased our first lawn mower!

Kyrie was even excited about the lawn mower. She kept getting lost
in the jungle of grass.

Kyrie was just a big helper today, first it was in the kitchen, and now in the front yard.
She even helped dad put the lawn mower together!
Yeah, she's got special talents. I got to mow the front yard. Good times! It brought back
wonderful memories of Cougar Court apartments and mowing
that huge lawn!Brian mowed the back yard with Kyrie cheering him on
from the kitchen window.

Kyrie's room is almost complete. All it's lacking now is the chair rail molding to seperate the green and the pale yellow. I'm excited to have it completely finished!


The ALPINE Hub said...

Nat, you have done such a GREAT job with kyire's room!!! so you know it is Fergalicious! ;) (its a song by fergie) but yes it is very cute! and thats so cool that you & bri could mow your lawn it's so much fun ;) for some people, if i had to choose i would much rather pay someone to mow my lawn because i would be afraid to get my shoes all green. Thats not the point! lol Love Ya!

garietys said...

Hey guys! Congrats on your new house. That is sooo exciting! All the painting looks great--especially Kyrie's room. I love it! And I know what an awesome feeling it is to mow your own lawn, (even though Arthur does it most of the time.) Anyway, glad you're enjoying your new place and I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day! Love you guys! And check out our blog because we have even more new pictures.

Jared & Leslie said...

yeah! congrats on your new lawn mower :) you look great doing yard work guys, especially Kyrie! I love all of the pics of your new place... It's an inspiration to us, some day we won't be living in an apt! :) We love you take care!
Can't wait to see the 4th of july pics!
jared,leslie,n baby

aaron said...

y'alls house is awesome!

congratulations on the lawnmower. it was good to hear from you over on our blog.

we're gonna be in utah from july 10-21... maybe you will be too?

always good to see how you're doing...

love, aaron and melissa