Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swim Lessons

Today was Kyrie and Elena's first swim lesson.

They did well for their first official swim lesson.

Kyrie and Elena enjoying a hard earned snack after some straining swim lessons.


Jared & Leslie said...

Natalie, you girls must be having so much Fun! Your little mermaid is so stinkin cute!
I think you said that you and Bri were going to california this weekend? Jared and I will be in the san diego area... you might be in modesto? but if you guys end up closer to San Diego we'd totally love to get together with you!
much love,

Jared & Leslie said...

Tahoe! that sounds great we'll come! jk but I bet you guys will have a blast!
We are going to San Diego just for fun! We saved some money this summer to take a little trip before the little guy is born... We leave today when Jared comes back from school! Yeah! is tahoe close to san diego?

Jared & Leslie said...

Bri~ I just wanted to tell you that you guys look so good! Cute family! You guys are awesome!
(very funny! I read marks blog) : )
but really how else do you say that you think people look happy and beautiful, especially when you haven't seen them for a while?:)
really, i'm just kidding :) But i do think you guys look great! I know you love me :)
lots of love,