Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ball off the Bell.

Brian took me to the dental ball off the bell this year. We were able to eat at a great Italian place with some friends.

Girls will be girls! We had to get a picture of our shoes!
We also had to get a bathroom picture. Like I said, girls will be girls!

We went to dinner with some foxy ladies (all dental students too), Stacey, Lindsey, Britney, and Amanda (Right to left) there spouses, finaces, and boyfriends were there also, but this was a girls only bathroom picture, hello.

Brian and I at the ball having a great non-alcholic beverage.


Jared & Leslie said...

Natalie you look gorgeous!!! Stunning! Brian you're a lucky fella :) And you looked very handsome too! BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!!! It sounds like you had a great time together~ loves

Dickson Family said...

That is cool that you went. i didn't know you guys were going. i say their senior year we get a whole gang together. jon is just not hot on the idea of paying lots of money to watch people get drunk and he said he would take me out to a nice dinner sometime....well i am still waiting :) just kidding. so when are we getting together..i still have your cards, i need to get them to you asap where have you been all my life. i still need to babysit kyrie.

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

You guys make me so's not very often I can get my husband to take me to a dance. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Oh...Brian I'll make sure the next blog isn't a novel. Halloween's coming up and it's about time I got to make a post so we will see what i can come up with. Much love from Boise!

garietys said...

Natalie, you look soooo pretty! (Brian, you're not bad either.) ;) How fun to go on a full-on "dress-up" date. Those are rare. I don't think Arthur and I have even been on one of those. No balls for us these days. Anyway, you guys look great.
love you!

The Meyers said...

Sexy momma!! You foxy lady! You need to get your sexiness over to my house this week. I would be honored.

Julian said...


Chris_and_Gina said...

You two look great! I'm glad you had fun! I remember those, good times!:) I especially like the pictures of all your shoes, what cute shoes!! P.S. take notice of my blog address change, I will explain why on my new blog!

Melanie said...

ok, seriously Nat you look D*** SEXY!! O my goodness, total celebrity! love the shoes too!
Kyrie looked adorable in her snow white costume, (great choice) Brian looks great too! sheesh so many compliments, I LOVE YOU GUYS!
oh check out my latest blog, its pics of the halloween party, that was a success

The Kentucky Bakers said...

Nat--so cute! You look so HOTT! We went last year, and it was fun to dance with a lot of drunk people! haha. We should all go next year. It would be so much fun.