Monday, October 08, 2007

Otter Creek

Here are the very manly men, doing what manly men do. Baking, oh hello, it's cooking over a fire, it's extremly dangerous as well as back breaking. Not to metion it takes mad skills. Brian made his awesome potatoes along with some awesome cobbler.
Yeah, it was pretty much the best.
Here are the camping mom's that pretty much rock! We are all pretty much stud muffins. Yeah, that's us.

The only time kyrie would sit still was for some bread and her bottle.
She is a roamer.
Dad and Kyrie setting up the fire for cooking.
Kyrie helped out wonderfully by blowing/spitting on the fire.
What can I say, our little girl is brilliant.

A lot of search and rescue took place between Kyrie and myself. She loves to wonder aimlessly through the woods. It left me no other choice but to search and rescue.
Kyrie and I had special bonding time on the camp out, it was my job to keep her from wondering off into the woods. I believe that she was well on her way to sharing Hansel and grettle fate, of being turned into a gingerbread girl, never to be heard from again. But, I stuck on that girl like a fly to fly paper and we were able to keep little Kyrie safe from her almost sure fate of ending up as a gingerbread girl.

We had to have a girls photo shoot. Yes, they all should be baby gap models, or children's place models. They have yet to be discovered.


Rob & Heather Weston said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun time. Glad I found your blog. Loved your sisters video. too cute!

Cathy said...

Camping is so much fun! I bet Kyrie loved it. There is nothing better than old fashioned camping! And Kentucky makes for such beautiful camping!

Dickson Family said...

hey girlie. thanks for the yummer foods and good intense game was awesome. wish you would have stayed at the creek. it was fun. but i know kyrie was super tired....and you too!!!

Dickson Family said...

hey girlie. thanks for the yummer foods and good intense game was awesome. wish you would have stayed at the creek. it was fun. but i know kyrie was super tired....and you too!!!

Julian said...

Brian, to tame fire is to by man keep cooking.

Melanie said...

hey I noticed one of the "camping moms" was wearing chacos! good for her! (and I'm so glad you love yours, I hope you like the color) anyway, if you could send me some of your measurements and fabric that would be great, the only fabric store I have access too is Wal-mart...and they have no cute materials for making cute dresses.
If you want we can just wait till christmas when you guys come down...oh wait you guys are coming...
when are you coming to visit?
once again Kyrie is just so cute
love ya tons!!


Melanie said...

I re-read my post (like a usually do...) and I ment to say, "oh you guys areNT, coming..."

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

We should go on a family campout next summer that would be soooo fun...with all what seven or eight kids under the age of 2! It would be a huge adventure. We miss you guys!

garietys said...

Hey, hey.
Awesome that you guys can still be camping in October. I know just what kind of work a "roaming" child entails. Sean and Kyrie would both be gingerbread kids were it not for the vigilance of their devoted mothers. Well, I am not as vigilant as I should be. I lost Sean--as in multi-person search parties went out on his behalf--twice at the Packard reunion. I wish I could install some sort of GPS locating device on his person. Arthur should invent something like that--I bet we could get rich selling them to mothers of roamers.

love you!

The Meyers said...

Hey buddy. Looks like you guys had fun camping. We need to get together soon :-)

KyleandAmanda said...

Hello Evans!!! We the Tracy's now have a blog page so you guys need to be our firends. Thanks for all the delicious food camping. That was alot of fun and we definetly need to go again. We also need to get the babies together to play!

Rob & Heather Weston said...

Hey...I've been tagged by a's a blog thing I guess. Anyway...go to my blog and read my most recent post...(this is probably the only way I would post something in my