Monday, October 22, 2007

Carving Pumpkins!

Today Brian surprised us girls after he had finished his pathology exam that he has been preparing for over the past 3 weeks with 3 large pumpkins. When he brought them in, Kyrie was so excited! She kept saying "wow" which is one of her new favorite words.
As usual, Kyrie was a big helper and of course had to help dad out with his pumpkin carving.

Kyrie also thought it would be helpful to eat the pumpkin guts. Yummy!

Kyrie was a fast learner and tried her hand at performing her first surgery... a pumpkin
Gut-otomy... there were very few procedural complications and minimal pumpkin juice loss.
Kyrie eventually got tired of such a restrictive job and moved onto the Pumpkin Autopsy... lab results are inconclusive...
AND THAT'S NOT ALL..... for all you true fans, here is some video of Kyrie and her fun family pumpkin carving FHE

Here are the finished products. From Left to Right. Natalie, Brian (go cards), Heather Weston.


The Kentucky Bakers said...

Natalie! I love the video and the commentary! Hilarious. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Kyrie is adorable.

Jared & Leslie said...

Hello! What an awesome family night :) Kyrie is just precious... I loved how she kissed the camera :) And the pumpkins, wow! Great job! there is definatly a lot of talent over in kentucky.
We love you all so much!
jared leslie mason

KyleandAmanda said...

Hello Evans family!! HOw have you guys been. Little Kyrie looks as beautiful as ever. Kasen would really love to play with her sometime. Will have to get together soon. Cute pumpkins. It looks like Kyrie's operation and autopsy were a great success!

Cathy said...

Great carving! Very creative and looked like a lot of fun. :)

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

Hello to one and all. Greetings from the Gem State. The pumpkin carving looked like a lot of fun. We will probably need to get some pumpkins and carve some scary face into them as well. My favorite was Brian's turtle. I thought the detail was great, I am just not sure what a turtle has to do with anything. Kyrie is cute and ginormous. Hope all is well, too bad your Cards had to fall to the Utes of all teams. Go Jazz!!!

Dickson Family said...

hey girl itsn't it nice to have our husbands back at least for a little while. holidays are so much more fun when you have kids i think. you remember how much holidays were fun when you were growing up. hope to see you at the trunk or treat!!

Julian said...

A turtle?... Come on Scott!
Good Job Bri!

garietys said...

Fun! We haven't carved ours yet, but I can tell you, none of our kids like pumpkin guts as much as Kyrie. She's awesome. Talk to you soon.
love, Sharee